Food and Fruit Exports Greece


Greek Fruit Exports

A wide list selection of Greek fruits from the best Areas of Greece. Production, packaging, the export of various premium quality Greek fruits. We export to many countries in Europe (Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Germany, Holland, Poland, etc.).

Greek Vegetable Exports

A wide list selection of Greek vegetables from the best Areas of Greece. Our company provides high quality vegetables to our customers and partners. Most of our clients are large wholesalers from Greece and Europe.

Greek Food Exports

With a successful course in the export of fruits and vegetables throughout Europe, our company expands exports to the food products market. Greek varieties of cheese of the best quality and greek olive oil from famous origins.

Explore just a small selection of our Greek fruits below.

Watermelons, Greek Fruit Exports


Greek watermelon exports of high quality by the best watermelon producers in Greece. 

Melons, Greek Fruit Exports


Greek melons, farm-fresh by Greek producers, packaging, exporting in Spring and Summer.

Pears, Greek fruit Exports


Maximum quality of Greek pears from the selection and purchase to partners and clients.

Apples, Greek Fruit Exports


The famous Greek apples from delicious Tripoleos, Firiki Piliou to Apples Kastorias.


Orange leads the list among the fruits grown in Greece with production from October to May.

Kiwi, Greek Fruit Exports


We monitor the Greek kiwis (sugar levels, dry, etc.) a high-value export product with a wide network.

Strawberries, Greek Fruit Exports


Greek fruit exports, strawberries. The strawberry production is between June till the end of August.

Tangerines, Greek Fruit Exports


Greek fruit exports, tangerines, high value, with the Clementine variety leading the exports in Europe.

Grapes, Greek Fruit Exports


Greece produces many indigenous unique varieties such as Xinomavro, Agiorgitiko, Assyrtiko, Athiri, etc.

Nectarines, Greek Fruit Exports


Seasonal Greek fruit nectarines. Our company allocates fresh nectarines at the best prices.

Apricots, Greek Fruit Exports


Greek apricots export of high quality by Greek producers exported in late spring and summer.

Pomegranate, Greek Fruit Exports


We provide only the finest selection of Greek pomegranates for export in Europe and Worldwide.

Greek Fruit Exports

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Greek Fruit Exports

Fruit Exports

  • Greek Water Melons

  • Greek Melons
  • Greek Pears
  • Greek Apples
  • Greek Oranges
  • Greek Kiwis
  • Greek Strawberries
  • Greek Tangerines
  • Greek Grapes
  • Greek Apricots

  • Greek Nectarines

Vegetable Exports

  • Greek Lettuce
  • Greek Cabbages
  • Greek Carrots
  • Greek Eggplants
  • Greek Peppers

Food Exports

  • Greek Olive Oil
  • Greek Cheese

Greek Fruit Exports


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